RANU Trading is a part of RANU GROUP, which concern about global management consulting and business development company, based in Istanbul – Turkey, founded in 2017.

We assist private and public institutions in the development and implementation of international, global strategies and business development throughout the Turkey, Africa, the Middle East, and South America. In each of these endeavors.

Our trading sectorsare “but not limited to”:

  • Industrial machineries, products, raw materials & accessories.
  • Medical appliances, furniture& disposables.
  • Solar generators and accessories.
  • Water pumps and accessories.
  • Fiber optic devices, electronics, and accessories.
  • Home appliances and accessories.
  • Food products(honey, legumes, nuts, olive oil, all kinds of cooking oil, hazelnut cream, peanut butter, tomato paste, pickles, and cheeses of all kinds …)
  • Hotel & Hospital supplies.
  • Fabrics & clothes (Kids, men &women).
  • Curtains&accessories.
  • Cars, Trucks & Trainsspare parts.

Our Progression is Your International Business Development.

RANU Trading has developed a three-phase process to its marketing and business development for your product, services, ventures, or investment proposals.

First, we search for qualified international parties for your overseas venture, while simultaneously evaluating tastes, preferences, and interests of your venture in the target market.

Second, we search or present your product, services, venture, or investment proposal to potential international parties. In this phase, we focus on ensuring that your venture meets the parties’ needs in terms of quality, competitive pricing structure, and return on investment.

Third, we keep in close contact with international companies or your company’s representatives and the international prospect to ensure satisfaction and commitment to the venture so you can succeed. We also advise on business etiquette in target countries.



Through our approach to worldwide business development and marketing,

we can:

  • Conduct market research to determine where the best opportunities are for you as per your inquiries or to introduce your venture, sell your product or services, or market your investment proposal.
  • Conduct business meetings overseas on your behalf to examine markets and contact potential international parties or clients.
  • Recommend overseas exporters, distributors or commission sales agents, or find potential joint venture partners, alliance partners, or investors for your investment proposals.

Our process is extensive and we offer a special and unique approach for clients interested in International Business.