Medical Tourism

According to the definition of the United Nations World Tourism Organization, tourism is travel for the purpose of recreation, medicine or discovery, and tourism includes the provision of travel-related services, and the concept of medical tourism refers to travel outside the country in which a person resides in order to receive medical care.

This type of tourism has received great interest from people as they travel from their less developed countries in the field of medical services, or because of searching for excellence in certain subjects of medical services or for lower cost services compared to their countries.


RANU is a Turkish company based in Istanbul that provides many advisory, commercial and tourism services, including medical tourism according to the highest quality controls to achieve customer satisfaction and provide them with comfort during their medical tourism program.

We provide all the necessary services for our clients whom coming to receive their medical treatment in Turkey from the moment they arrive at the airport, including reception at the airport, reservation of accommodation in hotels and all necessary arrangements with the best hospitals and medical centers of excellence in the world, and a tourism program is set up for our clients before or after receiving their medical treatment to get to know the most important tourist areas In Turkey.


Types of treatments learned from medical tourism

Among the most important services that a person may travel to obtain are:

  • Medical and surgical services.
  • Dental and oral surgery.
  • Plastic and laser surgery.
  • Hair transplantation.
  • Heart surgery and organ transplantation.
  • Orthopedic Surgery.
  • Infertility Treatment and Assisted Reproductive.
  • Obesity and bariatric surgery.