Practical Applied Geostatistics with Petrel

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This 5-day course covers the statistical and geostatistical tools available for understanding and quantifying uncertainty and the considerations required for
use in reservoir characterization and model building. The Petrel E&P software platform will be used to investigate the complexities of uncertainty in geomodeling, enabling an understanding of the best way to use the advanced geostatistical features to construct geomodels. The course is designed to increase knowledge and understanding of uncertainty in geomodeling and provide a framework for optimum decision making.

Who should attend the training

Geologists, petroleum engineers and geophysicists with a need to build models in Petrel software platform

The training time: (5 days)


Introduction to Petrel platform training course and a basic understanding of statistics.


• Uncertainty in data, how it arises, modeling and quantifying it, why geostatistics differ from statistics, how geostatistics describes uncertainty, separating
the known from the unknown, and distinguishing between uncertainty and measurement
• Uncertainty in prediction, how variability affects the measurement, variance within a single dataset, placing bounds on the unknown and using them to make better predictions and to quantify uncertainty in predictions
• Geomodeling, its role in modeling the predictable and unpredictable, the history of geomodeling tools, and the search for balance
• Using large and complex datasets, multivariant analysis and log suites and seismic attributes
• Monte Carlo modeling and production statistics, how Monte Carlo methods work, finding the best inputs, optimizing simulations with data and time limitations, and Monte Carlo analysis

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