PIPESIM Fundamentals

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In this course, attendees explore the PIPESIM simulator software, which provides steady-state, multiphase flow simulation for oil and gas production systems. Individual PIPESIM simulator modules are used for a wide range of analyses, including well modeling, nodal analysis, field planning, artificial lift optimization, and pipeline and process facilities modeling. A major feature of PIPESIM simulator software is the system integration and openness that allows users to develop a Total Production System Model. The attendees will gain a general understanding of how PIPESIM simulator software is used to design and optimize total production systems from the reservoir to the final processing delivery point.

Who should attend the training

Anyone wanting to learn steady-state, multiphase flow simulation for oil and gas production systems to analyze well performance, model pipelines and facilities, and perform nodal analysis using PIPESIM simulator software.

The training time: (5 days)




• Analyze well performance
• Design of models for pipeline and process facilities
• Perform nodal analysis
• Develop black-oil and compositional fluid models
• Select multiphase flow correlations
• Design surface network models

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