Petroleum Systems and Exploration and Development Geochemistry

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التدريب تابع لقسم

مكان التدريب : اسطنبول


The course is designed for exploration, production, and development geologists. Lectures show how geochemistry can reduce the risk associated with petroleum exploration, how to predict oil quality from inexpensive wellbore measurements, how to identify reservoir compartments and de-convolute commingled petroleum, and how to assess completion problems. It provides interpretive guidelines for sample collection and project initiation, how to evaluate prospective source rocks, and how to define petroleum systems through oil-oil and oil-source rock correlation.

Who should attend the training

Geoscientists needing knowledge of Petroleum Systems,Petroleum Geochemistry and Basin Modeling.

The training time: (5 days)


Knowledge of Basic Petroleum Geology and Petroleum Systems


• Objectives, Terms, Nomenclature

• Introduction to Basin and Petroleum System Models

• Origin and Preservation of Sedimentary Organic Matter

• Vitrinite Reflectance: Thermal Maturity, Calibration, Kinetics

• TOC, Rock-Eval Pyrolysis, Geochemical Logs

• Semivariograms and Spatial Significance of Data

• Biomarker Separation and Analysis

• Chemometrics for Correlation, Mixture Analysis

• Interpretive Pitfalls; Exercises

• Objectives, Terms, Nomenclature

• Migration and Compartments

• Migration Mechanisms: Diffusion, Solution, Gas-Phase, Oil-Phase

• Gas Chromatography, Stable Isotopes

• Oil Fingerprinting: Reservoir Compartments

• Leaky Casing, Production Allocation

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