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The 2013 Petrel platform Structural Modeling course presents different approaches to building models that capture geologically complex situations such as reverse faults and truncations.
This course covers both corner-point gridding and structural framework. Attendees will be presented with workflows that combine both processes, specifically how to use the results from the structural framework to generate a corner-point grid. The attendees will also learn how to generate partially and fully stair-stepped 3D grids. The advantages and limitations of the different types of models will also be presented.
The course will highlight the following: (1) the robust fault modeling while interpreting seismic functionality, which allows rapid real-time creation of the structural framework; (2) salt modeling techniques using both corner-point gridding and structural framework; and (3) the innovative volume-based modeling technique for the construction of complex structural frameworks

Who should attend the training

Development and exploration geologists, geophysicists, petroleum engineers, managers, reservoir engineers, and technical personnel with prior experience using the Petrel platform.

The training time: (5 days)


General knowledge of petroleum geology and geophysics, as well as having attended the Petrel Fundamentals and Petrel Geology courses or equivalent Petrel experience.


• Preprocessing input data
• Corner-point gridding approach
– Fault modeling – Pillar gridding – Layering
– Truncations
– Reverse faults
• Structural framework approach
– Geometry definition
– Fault framework modeling
– Fault modeling while interpreting – Horizon modeling
• Structural framework versus corner-point gridding
• Stair-step faulting
• Salt modeling methods
• Volume base modeling technique (Available on releases after 2013.1)

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