Petrel Petroleum System-Based Play-to-Prospect Exploration

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Petrel Petroleum System-Based Play-to-Prospect Exploration: Integrated Exploration Techniques and Workflows Using Petrel Exploration Geology Software


This 5-day course covers the fundamentals of petroleum systems and play concepts. These fundamentals will be integrated into a series of exercises that demonstrate the basics of how play fairway mapping of the petroleum system elements is used
to create play chance maps and assess play resources. The play level assessment
of resources and play chance are then the basis for doing probabilistic volumetrics and determining the chance of success for the leads and prospects within the play. Attendees will learn how to do play evaluation that integrates all the elements of
the petroleum system into geologically-based, objective, consistent, and documented results that can be used to understand and rank opportunities. They will evaluate a concession, from initial area screening to play evaluation and lead identification to the final assessment of the prospects developed from the leads.

Who should attend the training

Geoscientists with a need to learn prospect exploration fundamentals and how to perform workflows using Petrel software platform

The training time: (5 days)


Petrel Software Fundamentals, OG-SW0-SIS12520.


• Petroleum system and play-to-prospect fundamentals: lecture and exercises, exploration terminology, organization, and objectives
• Global themes: what they are and how are they used in play identification
• Petroleum systems and petroleum systems modeling basics
• Lecture and exercises
• Play identification and evaluation: fairway mapping, chance mapping, and resource assessment
• Probabilistic volumetrics and prospect chance of success
• Concession analysis workshop
• Initial screening of concession area dry-hole analysis
• Quick evaluation of hydrocarbon generation potential
• Play analysis and lead identification
• Converting reservoir play fairway maps to play element chance maps
• Seal derivation of play fairway maps from seal facies and property maps using geological concepts and sparse data
• Using predefined and user-defined compaction trends to create seal capacity maps in the Petroleum Systems Quick Look module for the Petrel platform.
• Identifying leads
• Concession analysis workshop

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