Oil and Gas Business Simulation with OilSim

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This  course is designed to enhance understanding of the entire petroleum exploration and production value chain, including geoscience, engineering, and economical perspectives, enabling attendees to explain the overall oil and gas exploration, development, and production process interpret geophysical, geological, and engineering data used in exploration, development and production assess
the economic viability of reservoirs understand elements reservoir depletion, including secondary recovery issues compare and evaluate different field development designs create field development project plans and understand the practical implications when implementing the plans understand the implications
of different decisions in the operations phase. Attendees will be grouped in teams and challenged to explore and discover oil and gas, create and implement a field development plan, and operate the well until abandonment. An experienced OilSim simulator instructor will guide attendees through the process.

Who should attend the training

Individuals working in or around the oil and gas industry with a need for an overall understanding of upstream value chain.

The training time: (5 days)


Background, degree, or experience in geosciences, engineering, or finance, accounting, etc. is preferred but not necessary.


Module challenges include:
• Initial screening to identify sedimentary basins using gravimetric and magnetic surveys
• Prospecting to find the best acreage, determine a bidding strategy, and win the bid using environmental surveys, regional geological maps, 2D seismic surveys, and topographic maps
• Exploration drilling to determine if the block contains oil and/or gas in commercial quantities, negotiate to share the risk, study 3D seismic surveys, assess environmental impact, contract drilling rigs and service providers, make a budget, and study the results from drilling
• Reservoir depletion plans using reservoir characteristics, nodal analysis, and production profiles
• Facilities plan to process and transport the oil and gas from the reservoirs using metrological surveys, production platforms, pipelines, and flowlines.
• Construction project
• Production of the oil and gas for the lifetime of the asset

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