Merak Peep Fundamentals and Merak Peep Decline Fundamentals Combined Course

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Attendees in this course will explore the functionality of the Merak Peep (petroleum economic evaluation program) and decline analysis module. These software packages allow for navigating efficiently through the case document, editing existing data, and analyzing economic runs.

Who should attend the training

Anyone needing to develop or improve their skill and understanding of project economics and decline curve analysis performed with the Merak Peep and Peep Decline modules.

The training time: (5 days)


Petroleum Economics Fundamentals or equivalent knowledge, in addition to an understanding of basic decline analysis techniques and theory.


Merak Peep Fundamentals

  • Create, edit, and copy economic case documents
  • Review essential economic inputs
  • Create filters and user parameters to easily sort large data volumes
  • Use batch processes to edit or report multiple cases simultaneously and calculate price sensitivity
  • Create consolidations to value workovers and aggregate projects
  • Use batch processes to edit or report multiple cases at once and calculate price sensitivity

Merak Peep Decline Fundamentals

• Maintain current in-house and vendor data to understand production levels • Import and export production history
• Create groups and summary wells to better manage well data
• Forecast production rates and volumes

• Perform basic decline analysis rate/time curves and cumulative curves

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