Mastering Finance for Non-Financial Oil and Gas Personnel

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This course will instruct attendees who do not have a financial background in understanding the basic principles, theory, and practice of financial reporting
and analysis as applied to the oil and gas industry. The course uses a combination of instruction, group discussions, and practical examples and exercises to ensure that the attendees absorb both the theory and the practical applications of the topics, which will include learning how to interpret, understand, and act on financial information, how to develop more effective decision-making skills, the elements

of financial management specific to the oil and gas industry, and a conceptual understanding of key E&P accounting topics, including depreciation, reserves, decommissioning, and asset impairment tests.

Who should attend the training

Managers, supervisors, specialists in all disciplines, and advisors who work with financial information and wish to develop a better understanding of finance and budgeting to become more effective in their jobs.

The training time: (5 days)

Prerequisites :



  • Sources, uses, data, and understanding of financial information
  • Financial information systems and their uses in decision making
  • Understanding basic financial principles
  • Cash flow
  • Understanding the difference between cash flow and profit
  • Oil and gas industry accounting policies
  • Accounting for exploration and appraisal costs
  • Understanding the nature and classification of reserves and the use of reserve data in E&P accounting
  • Budget preparation and control
  • Role of financial planning
  • Preparing and controlling a budget

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