Maintenance Management of Oil and Gas Equipment

شارك الآن


التدريب تابع لقسم

مكان التدريب : اسطنبول

Description: The training focuses on the subject of oil & gas maintenance management to help trainees who work in this particular field to gain good knowledge for improving performance. The course brings the actual reasons of improper work for maintenance, where maintenance is a key factor of quality business firms.

Training time: 5 days

Prerequisite: Maintenance Management: planning and scheduling or work experience


  1. The necessity of maintenance
  2. Importance of planning:

Company vision, why improvement is needed in maintenance, what planning mainly is and what it is mainly not, how much will planning help? The specific benefit of planning calculated, why does this opportunity exist? Quality and productivity effectiveness and efficiency, planning mission, frustration with planning.

  1. Planning principles:
    1. Principle 1: separate department.
    2. Principle 2: focus on future work.
    3. Principle 3: component level files.
    4. Principle 4: estimates based on planner expertise.
    5. Principle 5: recognize the skill of the crafts.
    6. Principle 6: measure performance with work sampling.
  2. Maintenance requirements
    1. Preserve the assets
    2. Plants to be kept in serviceable condition
    3. The least possible cost
  3. The role of maintenance management
  4. Possible reasons of deficiency work
    1. Incompetence of staff
    2. Human error during maintenance
    3. Static discharge
    4. Improper maintenance of critical equipment
    5. Poor communication between maintenance department and production departments
  5. Possible reasons of equipment failure
    1. Poor designs
    2. Poor design materials
    3. Poor assembly
    4. Over-stressed parts of equipment
    5. Attacks
    6. Poor maintenance
    7. Carelessness
  6. Maintenance detailed strategies in oil & gas sectors
    1. Maintenance based on total quality
    2. Total productive maintenance
    3. Performance-based maintenance
    4. Business-centered maintenance
    5. Risk-based maintenance
    6. Run-to-failure maintenance
    7. Reliability-centered maintenance

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