Introduction to Petroleum Exploration and Production with OilSim

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Level course is designed to expose the attendees to the full life cycle of the oil and gas industry to increase understanding of the functions of companies and their roles and responsibilities. It provides an overview of technologies, workflows,
and processes that enable exploration, appraisal, development, and production of hydrocarbons as well as the risks and rewards and their social, environmental, and financial impacts. OilSim* upstream learning simulator, a learning platform that enables teams to assume the roles of oil and gas companies and authorities, will be used in a competitive, friendly teamwork environment. Expert facilitators guide attendees, helping them to learn by actively making decisions in a virtual, realistic business environment.

Who should attend the training

Individuals involved in any capacity in the oil and gas industry

The training time: (5 days)




• Introduction and Exploration
• Exploration and drilling
• Appraisal and field development planning • Facilities planning and construction
• Producing and summary
Challenge modules include finding blocks, prioritizing blocks with CRS, use of 2D seismic and bidding, appraisal drilling, depletion planning, construction project planning, construction project execution, and operations. The course will end with team reflections on all learning modules and on OilSim simulator.

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