Introduction to Geoscience

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The objective of this 5-day course is to introduce attendees from disciplines other than the geosciences to the key concepts and principles of geology, geophysics, and petrophysics as applied to today’s oil and gas industry with emphasis on business applications. This course is a condensed version of three popular NExT courses: Introduction to Geology, Introduction to Geophysics, and Introduction

to Petrophysics. Many of the same topics are covered, but in less detail, and with more emphasis on the links between the three disciplines. This is an ideal overview covers the equipment and techniques that production engineers employ both downhole and on the surface.

Who should attend the training

Anyone wanting a better understanding of basic production processes and operations.

The training time: (5 days)




  • • Overview of production engineering
  • • Reservoir fundamentals and nodal analysis
  • • Well testing
  • • Lower and upper completions, perforations, and sand control
  • • Completion fluids
  • • Multilaterals
  • • Well completion equipment
  • • Production logging
  • • Artificial lift
  • • Stimulation
  • • Surface facilities

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