Introduction to Field Development Planning

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This 5-day course covers the fundamental approach to working with and writing a field development plan (FDP), which is the output of a sequence of decision- and discipline-based tasks to create a development plan. It is the basis for a method of developing, producing, and maintaining hydrocarbon resources, including surface design, and it provides input for designing the associated surface facilities. The combined surface and subsurface documents form the basis for financial decisions. Attendees will be introduced to all these concepts as they are applied in the process of creating a development plan in relation to the reservoir life cycle

Who should attend the training

Multidisciplinary asset teams comprising engineers, geoscientists, and managers involved in developing hydrocarbon resources and other actual or potential asset team and other members.

The training time: (5 days)


Engineering or geoscience background.


  • Introduction to the different phases of a reservoir life cycle, including the reason for and the need to create a field development plan to appropriately exploit the reservoir
  • Introduction to different field development options for the reservoir
  • Discussion of data integration and interdependence, including integration and timing of subsurface and surface decision making
  • Discussion of the different interfaces and their relationships, data gathering, and need for reservoir monitoring
  • In-depth discussion of various components of an FDP, highlighting the different tasks and activities that need to be done and reported
  • Review of the concepts of FDP, including an introduction to opportunity framing workflow, road map, risk register, and stakeholder mapping.



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