Introduction to E&P Business Management with OilSim

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This 5-day course is designed to enhance knowledge and understanding of the entire oil company decision-making process, from initial new country entry
strategy to field abandonment, and the typical business and economics framework of oil companies. It covers the technical and business challenges as well as the interactions with fiscal and government bodies. Relevant industry case studies
and success stories will be reviewed throughout the course. Attendees will gain
an understanding of asset management throughout the life cycle, which will be reinforced using oil and gas challenges practiced via computer simulation. They will learn how corporate strategy affects the management of upstream assets, how oil companies identify risks and use petroleum economics to develop successful exploration programs, the importance of reserves classification and the purpose of reservoir appraisal, and construction and project management.

In some locations, the course may run for 4 days

Who should attend the training

Individuals with a need for an increased understanding of the management of upstream oil and gas assets.

The training time: (5 days)


Background, degree, or experience in the geosciences, engineering, or finance, accounting, etc. is preferred but not necessary.


  • Macro-economics and corporate strategic responses
  • Three tests of strategy
  • Internal and external factors impacting the value of assets
  • Fiscal regimes
  • Simulated challenge: finding the sedimentary basins using geophysical techniques in a simulated challenge to find the best exploration blocks
  • Petroleum systems
  • Geophysical methods
  • Exploration as a process and successful exploration strategies
  • Petroleum economics
  • Simulated challenge: Prospecting for oil and gas
  • Reservoir appraisal
  • Simulated challenge 3: Exploration and appraisal drilling
  • Field development
  • Simulated challenge: Depletion plan
  • Facilities
  • Simulated challenge 5: Facilities plan
  • Construction and project management
  • Simulated challenge: Construction project
  • Production
  • Simulated challenge: Production operations
  • Maximizing value
  • Abandonment

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