Introduction to Drilling

شارك الآن


التدريب تابع لقسم

مكان التدريب : اسطنبول


If you work closely with drilling engineering, operations, or management, this course will increase your understanding of the concepts, terminology, and processes used in drilling a well. The course provides a complete overview of the workflow involved in the drilling of oil and gas wells, from office to wellsite. Attendees will also learn the roles and responsibilities involved in a drilling operation.

Who should attend the training

Entry-level professionals of all disciplines and nontechnical support staff.

The training time: (5 days)




  • Well construction and the role of drilling in the E&P life cycle
  • Well design, including planning and engineering, and the data and analysis techniques needed to design a quality well
  • Terminology and concepts used in the business of drilling, such as well timing, costs, risks, and AFE generation
  • Drilling equipment explanation: Drilling rigs, bits, casing, and rig floor equipment
  • Directional drilling and deviation control equipment and their operation, including unique characteristics of directional drilling
  • Wellsite operations: Drilling, logging, casing, cementing, and completions
  • Drilling kicks and well control, including well control equipment
  • Real-time data collection, monitoring, and interpretation techniques used during drilling operations



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