Health, Safety, and Environment in Exploration and Production

شارك الآن


التدريب تابع لقسم

مكان التدريب : اسطنبول


This course presents comprehensive HSE methods and tools used to develop risk management processes. Attendees will learn how to improve the safety of operating conditions at production facilities, minimize the risk in emergency situations, and establish proactive mitigation strategies.

Who should attend the training

Engineers and HSE specialists interested in establishing systematic HSE procedures.

The training time: (5 days)


Basic knowledge of exploration, development, and production operations.


  • Risk management: Basic definitions, occupational health plan, risk recognition, unsafe act, and risk-generating source
  • Risk evaluation objectives
  • Risk magnitude determination
  • Exposure results with clinical investigation relation
  • Risk-control methods and their effectiveness
  • Sampling strategy, plan, and methods
  • Sample analysis: Direct-measurement tools and continuous sample analysis
  • Risk control
  • Risks at work administration
  • Accidents: Causes, results, and occupational and disease management
  • Hazard identification: Hazard operability analysis, qualitative methods for risk analysis, human error analysis, accident scenarios, natural threats, and preparation for emergencies
  • Case identification and evaluation and emergency control



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