Geostatistical Reservoir Modeling: Standard Approaches & Best Practices

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In this modeling course that is designed for providing an understanding of integrated reservoir studies from outcrop to fluid flow simulator, attendees
will learn practical requirements and workflows for modern 3D reservoir characterization. The course will employ deterministic and stochastic modeling to quantitatively integrate diverse data types, model reservoir heterogeneity, assess model uncertainty, and prepare the reservoir model as input to a flow simulator. Attendees will learn best practices for modeling and data integration using modeling software by participating in an informal, interactive discussion of the agenda topics, illustrated with case studies and demonstrations using the Petrel platform or equivalent software. In some course venues, work with the modeling software is by a hands-on method.

Who should attend the training

Asset team members responsible for development of reservoir models that use geostatistical techniques.

The training time: (5 days)


Basic understanding of geologic techniques and processes; structure and sedimentation; and static and dynamic reservoir modeling in addition to basic experience with the Petrel platform.


• Geostatistical reservoir modeling introduction • Data quality control and data analysis
• Concepts of spatial analysis and modeling
• Computer workshop
• Kriging and collocated cokriging
• Stochastic simulation and risk analysis
• Reservoir heterogeneity preservation
• Structural modeling
• Flow simulator upscaling

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