OTDR testing

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The course focuses on understanding and handling OTDR for fiber optic measurements. The trainees develop a good understanding of OTDR principles, traces, and procedures for accurate interpretation of measurements. Reflection and losses are clarified and addressed.

Who should attend the training

Supervisors, engineers and technicians.

The training time: (3 days)

Prerequisite: knowledge of optical fibers.

Objectives of the training

  1. Develop a good understanding of using OTDR in measurement.
  2. Investigate the necessary procedures for the best possible accuracy.
  3. Interpretation of readings and its correct handling.
  4. Organize measurement documentation for the best installation and successful maintenance in the future.

Training outlines

  • OTDR principles
    • Basic concepts
    • Reason for use
    • Loss simulation
    • Block diagram
    • Trace features
  • Basic traces
    • Trace types
    • Reflective loss
    • Non-reflective loss
  • Unusual traces
    • No far end reflection
    • High reflectance connectors
    • Nonlinear trace
    • Wavelength effect
  • Testing and measurement
    • Setup
    • Measurements
    • Directional differences
    • Dual traces
  • Interpretation
    • Certification strategy
    • Examples
  • Practical procedure
    • Aquire link data
    • Setup
    • Launch cable
    • Qualitative and quantitative evaluation
    • Dual wavelength test
    • Bidirectional test
    • Splice loss averaging

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