Deployment of fiberoptic networks

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This training course is designed for learning the deployment process of any fiberoptic network design. The course addresses planning, scheduling, budget, successful communication within the work team, ethics, targeted quality, documentation, and technical issues like the required components, power loss budget, testing and managing the installation work. Moreover, the safety issues are addressed to be always the first and last issues in the fiberoptic field.

Who should attend the training

Managers, supervisors, engineers, technicians, and others having been working in fiberoptic projects.

The training time: (5 days)

Prerequisite: knowledge of optical fibers.

Objectives of the training

  1. Develop a good understanding of the requirements for successful network deployment.
  2. Investigate the necessary procedures for a highly successful work team.
  3. Design the best fitting route for low cost and fulfilled safety.
  4. Organize work documentation and optimize sckeduling for the best outcome and successful maintenance in the future.

Training outlines

  • Introduction to fiberoptics
  • Related standards and codes
  • Cabling
  • Project initiation
  • Planning
    • Project scope
    • Risk plan
    • Breakdown structure of work
    • Scheduling
    • Procurement
    • Budget
    • Planning the route
    • Site visits
    • Calling before digging
    • Utility power and grounding
    • Choosing a contractor
    • Project checklist
  • Documentation
  • Required components
  • Powerloss budget
  • Managing and testing installation
  • Final project installation checklist

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