Fault Seal Analysis in Exploration and Development: Theory and Application

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التدريب تابع لقسم

مكان التدريب : اسطنبول


the course is designed to introduce concepts and methods in the trap and seal analysis particularly as related to fault characterization including fault mapping and fault seal to geoscientists (geologists and geophysicists) and petroleum engineers so that they can apply these principles in their exploration and development projects.

Who should attend the training

The course is offered to geologists, geophysicists and petroleum engineers.

The training time: (5 days)


Although no prerequisites are required for this course, the concepts are more suited to geoscientists with experience in mapping and evaluating exploration and development projects.


• Introduction to fault seal and trap analysis.
• Trap and fault geometry concepts and estimating closures and initial seal risk.
• Methods and concepts on correctly characterizing faults and throw distributions. Theory and methods for evaluating correct fault linkages.
• Review of fault rock types based on the undeformed host rock lithology.
• Basic principles of flow through porous media including permeability and threshold pressure.
• Discussion on estimating sealing capacity from the threshold pressure for a range of fault rock types.
• Triangle diagrams for estimating fault seal.
• Introduction to reservoir flow simulation and modeling fault flow resistance in development.
• Risking and uncertainty.
• Validation of methods and summary of course concepts

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