Exit Routes, Emergency Action Plans

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A safe means of escape is crucial when it’s necessary to quickly evacuate a building. This training course is designed to help participants develop an emergency action plan and a fire prevention plan that may be implemented in your facility so you can be ready if disaster strikes.

Who should attend the training?

This training course is aimed at team leaders, middle managers, human resource personnel, safety and health committee members, and other employees who have recently been appointed to safety and health responsibilities.

The training time: (1 day)

Prerequisite: Not required.


Objectives of the training:

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize and correctly use key terms and concepts relating to exit routes, emergency action plans, and fire prevention plans
  • Identify three parts of an exit route
  • Identify types of workplace emergencies
  • Recognize minimum emergency action plan and fire prevention plan elements
  • Identify key planning issues for emergency action plan elements


The training course outlines

  • OSHA Exit Routes, Emergency Action Plans and
  • Exit routes, emergency action plans and fire prevention plans terminology
  • Three parts of exit routes
  • Types of workplace emergencies
  • Emergency action plan and fire prevention plan elements
  • Planning issues for emergency action plan elements

This training course is also available as an in-company option. This enables you to train a number of employees easily and cost-effectively, and our trainers can tailor the course to your specific business requirements. Please contact us for special arrangement.

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