EHS – MH 01- Mechanical Hazards

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This training course is designed to define the three types of mechanical movements of all types of machines to avoid the injuries or death for the employees happened by them; on other hand to teach trainees how to protect themselves, their lives, their work place of any harms or damage can be occurred during their daily work by applying the suitable engineering control of the hazards in order to save a safe work environment, property, and save lives.

Who should attend the training

Engineers; technicians; Supervisors working with movables parts of the machines; Students studying mechanical Engineering

The training Time (2 days)

Objectives of the training are

  1. Identification of types of mechanical movements
  2. Identification of the mechanical hazards
  3. How to protect employees from mechanical hazards (controlling the hazards)
  4. Know the types and conditions of Safe guards
  5. Save a safe work place and raise up the safety awareness of workers
  6. Save lives. Environment, and property
  7. Decrease the injuries and helping the organization to reach their safety targets
  8. Follow up the Safe work procedures during the mechanical works

The Training course outlines

  1. Introduction
    1. HSE objectives
    2. Definition of the work injuries
    3. Impact factors that increases the work injuries
  2. Definition of mechanical hazards
  3. Types of mechanical movements
  4. Causes of mechanical hazards
  5. Types of mechanical hazards
  6. Protection from mechanical hazards
  7. Safe guards
  8. Grinding wheels

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