EHS – Electrical Hazards

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This training course is designed for informing all people that are dealing with the electricity by the great hazards that they may face which can lead to lose their lives or have a severe injury and what are the types of the electrical hazards, and how they can overcome these hazards and deal with the electricity by a safe way in order to save their lives and their devices, and environment.

Who should attend the training

Engineers; technicians; Supervisors working in Electricity; Students studying electricity

The training Time (3 days)

Objectives of the training are

  1. Identification of the Electrical Hazards
  2. Know the protection from Electrical Hazards
  3. Know how to save people who exposed to an electrical shock
  4. To able to do” The Lock-out /Tag-out procedures”
  5. To have a safe work environment from the electrical hazards
  6. To save children from the electrical hazardous at homes; schools, etc.,

The Training course outlines

  1. Basics of electricity
    1. Definitions and labels
    2. Power resources
    3. Electrical circuit
  2. Types of electrical Hazards
  3. Root causes of electrical Hazards
  4. Impact factors of electrical current on human body
  5. Electrical shock and how to save the injured person
  6. The protection of electrical hazards
  7. LOTO procedures
  8. grounding
  9. Batteries

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