EHS- Defensive Driving

شارك الآن

عدد أيام التدريب: 3 أيام
مكان التدريب : مصر
تكلفة التدريب: 1500 LE


Eng. Ahmed Magdy Ahmed Rihan , (HSE Section Head, PETROJET )


Driving is a main part in our life even if when using our own vehicles or use transportation, so it’s important to know about defensive driving to safe our life, our family life’s and our college in the work place or on the way to the work place and life of others as well

Who should attend the training?

Engineers; maintenance members; vehicle drivers and heavy equipment drivers.

The training Time (3 days)

Objectives of the training are

  1. Identification of Defensive Driving and road accidents statistics.
  2. Procedures should be taken before trips and vehicle inspection.
  3. Tires check and mirrors perfect set.
  4. Safety devices inside the vehicles.
  5. Different types of breaks in the vehicles ( ABS, EPS, EBD,…).
  6. Behavior and attitude which should be met in Defensive Drivers.
  7. Hazards of driving during using mobile phone, smart mobiles.
  8. Driving under influence of exhaust and fatigue.
  9. Driving under influence of drugs, alcohols and medicine.
  10. Speed limit and hazards of high speed.
  11. Driving inside cities and pedestrian safety.
  12. Driving in reverse weather conditions.
  13. Emergency cases may met during driving and safe actions should be followed.

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