Concepts and Applications of Sequence Stratigraphy to Petroleum Exploration and Production

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The course provides a template to enable communication between geologists, geophysicists, and engineers in the exploration, production and business milieus so they can use this discipline as a predictive tool for regional basin analysis, shelf to basin correlation and reservoir heterogeneity.

Who should attend the training

The course is directed at geologists and energy professionals, including engineers who need a tool to predict permeability and porosity distribution, explorationists who wish to predict potential oil and/or gas distributions and geologists who wish to predict depositional lithofacies distribution and geometries.

The training time: (5 days)


Degree in Geology or good practical understanding of Petroleum Geoscience.


• Introduction to sequence stratigraphy: the critical stratigraphic surfaces used sequence stratigraphy with their relationship to the exercises briefly outlined.
• Basics: an introduction to sequence stratigraphy with a lecture describing the ideal ‘sequence’ of Vail et al 1977 and its associated terminology.
• Introduction to Seismic Sequence Analysis: the first steps that need to be taken to make a seismic stratigraphy interpretation and the definition and illustration of genetic reflection packages that envelope seismic sequences and systems tracts.
• Introduction to Sequence Stratigraphy of Clastic Sections – Book Cliffs, Utah: the first steps in the use of measured sections to build sequences, stratigraphic models of clastic shoreline depositional systems, using measure sections from the Book Cliffs in Utah.
• The Geologic setting of the La Pascua Formation – Guarico Sub-Basin Venezuela: general geological setting of the nearshore classics of the Lower Oligocene
La Pascua Formation of the Las Mercedes Field in the West Guarico Block, Venezuela, their lithology, relationship to sea level and plate tectonic setting.
• Introduction to Sequence Stratigraphy of Carbonates Sections – Miocene Carbonates of Mallorca, Spain the first steps in the use of measured sections
to build sequences, stratigraphic models of carbonate platform and reef depositional systems, using measure sections from the sea cliffs lining the southeastern shore of Mallorca.
• Select better quality in-house examples that show good exploration potential and reservoir quality focusing on highlighting seismic quality and well logs in the interpretation.

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