Applied Geostatistics

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This course focuses on application of the various geostatistics tools using both readily available and specialist software packages. These tools are now essential in most of the important aspects of E&P: gridding and contouring for maps, upscaling for reservoir simulation and basin modeling, and analysis of spatially referenced data of all kinds. The course emphasis is on practical applications and the understanding of context rather than on algorithm details and mathematics. Attendees will learn to choose the most appropriate geostatistics techniques and apply them correctly for E&P best practices, in addition to receiving a practical introduction to what is available in geostatistics software and take useful tools back to the workplace.

Who should attend the training

Petroleum geologists and geoscientists preparing data for reservoir simulators and engineers involved with exploration and development of oil and gas reservoirs.

The training time: (5 days)


Basic knowledge of subsurface characterization with Microsoft Excel competency.


• Introduction to geostatistics and trends in spatial datasets
• Heterogeneity and discontinuity, data scale versus modeling scale, upscaling
• Spatial trends in gridding and contouring: Minimizing errors, kriging
• Bayesian and geostatistics, history matching, sequential and indicator simulation
• Uncertainty methods, Monte Carlo, and other stochastic simulations

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